Monday, December 7, 2009

Give a Dylan Blue Original this Holiday

Still time to get a fabulous, handmade gift for those speical someones in your life. Whether you are looking for a gift for a dear friend or a stocking stuffer for your teenager or something for the person that is impossible to buy for...we here at Dylan Blue have you covered. Did I mention AFFORDABLE too! Ok, affordable too!

If you would like to consider some lovely Dylan Blue jewelry as a possibility for your holiday shopping, send us a message with your email address. We'll send you a copy of our PDF catalog, and will include some special "friends and family" pricing - 30% off, or More! All orders will be shipped FREE USPS Priority Mail.

Orders received by 12/17 will be shipped in time for Christmas delivery. BE this first on your block to make the gift of handmade enamel jewelry!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Personalized Pendants

With the economy the way it is this year, people are putting a long more thought into getting gifts that are meaningful, like something personalized. Gifts are best when they make a memory or have a meaning. Like the initial of a bride's new last name, a teenagers first name or a letter in remembrance of someone near and dear to their heart. A gift that someone puts thought into is the best kind, it does not have to be extravagant to be special and meaningful. With this in mind we have come up with a line of initials that are not only beautiful but affordable. We here at Dylan Blue work very hard to keep our jewelry affordable and special. Here are just a few of the letters- as you know, there are many more... I will probably make a listing in out etsy shop Dylan Blue with a few examples like these and take request for specific letters and colors. If you want one before I get the listing up, just comment and I will get back to you and set up what you want!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Do You Collect?

John and I are starting a couple new collector series pendants. We have been brainstorming and have a couple Fabulous, if I do say so myself, ideas for some different images that would fit into different series, all focusing on the "collector". Collectors are special people, they have a passion for the thing they collect and each individual component or piece of the collection is loved and valued as much as the collection is as a whole. Now certain collectors we will have a hard time with, for card collectors, hard to do pendants of baseball cards, yet it is not Impossible for us to do a image of a particular baseball player or even better a certain Teams colors, initials or something along those lines. I do know certain collectors we already have plans for, I know several people who collect all things owl and I had a sale of a crocheted hippo on eBay a few years back that was bought by a sweet woman who had a hippo collection, and a huge one at that. That woman was so thrilled by the addition of my hippo ( who was too cute, wearing a bikini. No joke, here is pic to prove it) that she traced down my number via my return address on package and called me at home. I was really touched. While talking she proceeded to tell me of another woman who usually outbid her on eBay for hippos due to her collection and of her other friend who collected rhinos and was cataloging her collection to make The Guinness Book of World Records. Collectors of certain objects are like lovers of objects, and let me elaborate before you r mind goes to wondering, by lovers I mean, Dolphin Lovers, Dog Lovers, Rose Lovers, Coffee Lovers.... you get the drift. I mean the possibilities are endless... I know some pendants would probably get ridiculous, like Drew, aka Ben Spark, he collects Transformers - take a peek if you think I mean he just has a is his post Photo-A-Day #803 on his blog and that was in 2007 SO sure his collection has grown, I wonder if he would Rock a Transformer pendant, ha, I chuckle as I write it because knowing him, he might just do it... ok so better example needed. My Aunt Marion collects salt and pepper shakers... do not think there is a market of salt and pepper pendants- not with a image of a sale and pepper shaker. Yes there is probably that one soul out there who would, and they will probably be my first comment, kidding (I hope), but you get my point. Collectors are great in that come holiday or gift time you know what they like and it is almost a goal to find a special addition to their collection.
So I would love to get some feedback, here are my questions. What do you collect? What do you love- that would look good on a pendant?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dylan Blue Attends IZEAfest 09

I carried some pendants with me to IZEAfest with a few different intentions. I was planning on doing some give-aways and I always keep John's practice in mind, and for those who do not know, when John goes out to sell at shows and markets, and sometimes just when John goes out, he asks for guidance from his higher power to show him someone who he should make a gift to, and that is what I did. First the give-aways were not working as planned. Even my friend Connie had one that no one responded to. Now if you got on stage to give-away something away, the crowd...ME included, went crazy... but as far as people paying attention to Twitter streams, not so much... I did pay attention and won a Sweet grill set from Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and Life In The House Of Blue. Which BTW is Really good! We grilled steaks last night and I used as part of marinate sauce...the steaks were so good no need for any dippin' sauce.
Here is me kissin' Susan after she gave me my prize... you can read more about it her post 2nd IZEAfest Winner!! Be sure to check out her blog... she is a sweetHEART and I am honored to call her friend.

So one give-away was successful. Christine aka starryskye81 is an AWESOME Chick! She is fun loving, super sweet and a WICKED Designer. Check out her site at Starryskye Designs -especially if you are in the market for some design work done…you know me, I would not steer you wrong…great great designer. She also is now the PROUD owner of a Dylan Blue original. I decided to give out the Turtle one since we were at SeaWorld (& I couldn't find the dolphin one, which is now located, so must be meant to sell to someone on etsy.). I am so excited she won it..she deserves it..a mom who's husband is in the Military. Here she is wearing it and we hope she ENJOYS it and it brings good fortune her way!

The next Dylan Blue original went to Connie (same Connie as mentioned earlier- she has several blogs, so click on this name and her name above for 2 different, wonderful blogs). Connie DESERVED a gift for WAY TOO many reasons to list here.. she JUST DID and I knew it. SO here she is ROCKIN' her gorgeous appropriate because the animal symbolism of the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul. And Connie is a free open spirit who adapts (changes) and walks with dignity through it! Love you Connie!

The last Dylan Blue that was given was actually given after my trip, as I pulled into town and waited for a pizza to take home with me to get outta cooking. The person who received it IS VERY SPECIAL to me and it ended my trip on a GLORIOUS note! Enough said.
All in All it was a blast. Hopefully a few people left knowing that Dylan Blue jewelry is beautiful... but honestly that is not important... the SMILES you see above ARE! Thanks Ted and IZEA!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just for You Dylan Blue is Having a Sale! Go take a peek here at what we got!

Regular Pendants $20 (Regular $28)

Small Pendants $15 (Regular $15)

This is an awesome deal and we are doing it JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.
This offer is for a limited time!
Also follow @craftyGAgal ..starting Thursaday (tomorrow) she will be tweeting from IZEAFest in Orlando and is givingaway AWESOME stuff including Dylan Blue Goodies!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


That time again kids- John's Thoughts!

Our society clings to a concept of the "self-sufficient individual" that is largely delusional. Every time I hear social-spending policy discussed by someone who wants to "keep more of MY money", I have to wonder where that money came from. Does this person have an employer? co-workers? customers or clients? or do they truly generate wealth without the co-operation of others? In fact, the concept of "money" is a massive exercise exercise in community value - try printing your own currency and getting someone else to exchange value for it. Remember the British term "Commonwealth of..." It recognized that some things of material value were best held in common.

We all live in interlocking sets of group efforts - and we are all more vulnerable to their potential failures than we care to be aware of.

Nonetheless, community, in its truest form for humans, is as much a spiritual state as it is anything else - it is grace held in common. In it, members are called to service. All the major religions place importance on the spiritual value of being of service to others. In the material world, our species depends utterly on six inches of topsoil and the proper amount of rain. In the spiritual sense, community is the six inches of topsoil, and grace the proper amount of rain. With these, we flourish. Without them, life gets bleak in a hurry.

There are tools for nurturing community and culture. Symbols, rituals, adornments and history are all means by which collective values can be expressed and shared - we are all constantly using them, often unknowingly, in our daily lives.

When people of good intention and loving hearts gather, that place, at that time can become sacred ground. We are charged with making it so. Namaste - John

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facebook Winners

Life has been hectic, know y'all can relate. Not only does life not slow down but my computer a complete stop! I think it was a little hint that I need to set limits and that working at home does not mean that you work the entire time you are at Home. Well computer is back up and running and so are I and even better Dylan Blue NEVER stopped. Have no fear , while I was away from y'all here, we have been working diligently and with a PURPOSE...the purpose of making people happy and Spreading our Jewelry Piece by Piece as far as we allow ourselves to imagine. That is a nice thought huh?
First updatee... we have made another sale...which we are incredibly proud of because, one, it has been a slow across the board pretty much and two, well it was our first INTERNATIONAL sale. The celtic blue piece is on it's way to the United Kingdom! Thanks to our VALUED Customer!
Also John has been working his tail off, we came up with a line of Local Football Pendants for my local area, Valdosta GA, TITLETOWN USA...ok a little bragging there. But it is Known fact we take football very serious here in South GA and they play to WIN and WIN they do. I will have a post showing you the finished set coming soon.... got more to share. John has also been doing some fine art work...amazing stuff that I am super proud of and will also share coming soon, I promise IT IS gonna BLOW YOU AWAY! And while I am talking about John and production, I have items sitting that are ready to be listed so he is crackin' them out, while along filling wholesale orders for places such as book stores and for retail shops and boutiques....while working his "real job" aka the one we want to get rid of!
And last but not least....WE have a winner to our contest we ran on our Facebook Fan Page. We are so thrilled at the turn out and gained 46 fans in the allotted contest period. I ran the contest through a site called RANDOM.ORG . Where I typed in the numbered ordered list of entries (each entry was the person and the fan they got to join) and ran it through. Below is shot of WINNERS.... who are DUM DUM DUM (that is a drum-roll).... Elizabeth M. Duquette and Mike Watson! Congrats guys, I will be in touch and I can wait to see what you pick... plus I have stuff to list like I we will definitely chat!. Wow that was fun (even if I was running behind). We plan to run other contest in the future..probably with a totally different idea. Have a good idea...leave us a comment.Go ahead and become a fan of our FACEBOOK page we refer to as Dylan Blue Community because we could not do this without y'all NOR would we want to. We are also constantly thinking of ways to use ourselves and things we learn to be of service to others.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Time for another one of John's writings.... what I like to call "John's Thoughts" ....enjoy!

I turned 15 in 1968. It was a year of eruptive psychic growth for me. I read “The Grapes of Wrath” and “Crime and Punishment”. The Democratic convention in Chicago turned into a maelstrom of anger and brutality seething through the streets of the city, permanently shaping my perception os the mechanisms of power. I saw Hendrix live, went to my first anti-war demonstration, met some Black Panthers and read Eldridge Cleaver. And some friends of mine seemed to have had a terrific time at this place called Woodstock.
The ensuing years continued in the same vein – drugs, radical politics, concerts and books – always books and ideas. Psychology, politics, popular culture and the changing nature of the world were daily topics of conversation. Carlos Castenada, Dylan, Muhammad Ali, the Beatles, the Dead, the Stones, Simon & Garfunkel,and on and on – the mental backdrop of the times was a vista of endless possibilities for change.
Then the tide began to turn. Nixon, Watergate, the end of the war. People began to overdose, get strung out, die. The cult conversions. Charles Manson. People began to have kids, get real jobs, graduate college, get married. Disco, for Christ’s sake. I joined the military, and moved away with my pregnant wife. Career, responsibilities.
Still, the books and ideas were portable. A few friends and I stayed in touch. The Reagan years, and the Moral Majority. Rush Limbaugh. From time to time, the few friends and I would wonder what had happened; had the possibilities evaporated? had the world really not changed? Was it turning back into the 1950s?
But, we told our kids about how things had been; Vietnam, the United Farm Workers. The Dead played in the living room, along with Springsteen, Bob Marley and Willy Nelson. Clinton was OK, in a Playboy kind of way.
The new century started as badly as could have been imagined. The “N-word” began to sneak back into the popular lexicon. Terrorists. Tax breaks for rich folks, hugely corrupt politicians in very high places. Breathtakingly bold lies told by a President who claimed to hear directly from God. Another disastrous foreign war. Cultural regression propagated via the should-have-been-cool Web. Despair over the world my kids were growing up in, and my precious, malleable grandson. Horrible place, execrable people in power.
Then a little change began. Young people began to find their voices – world music started popping up everywhere. Celebrations of eccentricity – Steampunk and Cryptozoology.
Maybe…? 2006 and Nancy Pelosi. Maybe…? Neil Young resurrects his career. Maybe…? Can we? A young man saying “Look at all of you”.
Now we know. Yes, we can. The 40 years worth of books, ideas and believing were worth it. Compassion and Justice are back in the national conscience. My kids believe in their own ability to make change. We emancipated ourselves from mental slavery – thank you, Bob Marley.
The wild geese are flying again, and the ants have gone back underground.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tree of Life

I decided to take pieces, one at a time, and expand or just explain there meaning....or the meaning we had in mind when designing and making it. We had received a great response to this pendant, in the form of our first two sales. This was eloquently written by John... he has a way with words, I am sure after reading you will agree.

One of the central beliefs of the Celts was that all of life existed in three phases. They saw three phases in the lunar cycle (they did not recognize dark as a phase); they saw a woman’s life in being a maiden, a mother, and a crone; and they believed the physical universe to be composed of earth, water, and sky. This is why so many Celtic designs show design elements repeated in groups of three.

I think it’s interesting that the process of photosynthesis can be seen as the interaction of the same three elements; a molecule of water, a molecule of mineral, and excitation from the light of the sun. This simple reaction between these elements produces the carbohydrates that sustain all life on earth. And the ancient Celts knew it intuitively.

The Tree of Life in Celtic mythology had its roots deep in the core of the earth, the trunk extended up through the world of Men, and its branches reached out to encircle the stars. It was seen as a bridge between the sky realm and the earth, uniting both of them harmoniously. The Tree itself repeats the theme of three elements; in its roots, its trunk, and its limbs.

This representation of the Tree is probably modern; it is adapted from a common representation that includes a circle of complex knotwork. We wanted to use this modified form, since it emphasizes another aspect of the design; the interweaving of the branches and roots. This interweaving suitably portrays the Celtic belief that Life was a single, self – renewing cycle.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Call For Action

I think that there is way too much talk about doing good things and not enough DOING good things. John and I have been discussing ways to make a difference, like I have mentioned before, we are not out to change the world, just make an impact on little parts. SERVICE- that is what it is all about. One is an DO SOMETHING. I tell my boys on the way to school each day, "Do something nice for someone today, DO a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS" (I am a KARMA Officer for Valdosta GA, lol, big title for simple RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and spread that can read more I wrote about it here) anyway, my boys report back to me what acts of kindness they have done. Today on the way to school my son said "Mom, sometimes it is hard to find something"... I replied "You will see it, the more you look the easier it will be....and it does not have to be something major."
John told me about a Facebook group that embodies this in every way. Team Max well , I will let you read what the first paragraph on the page says- it states it best ~
"Max Rose's friends and family are continuing his work of service by forming "Team Max." Team Max has no rules, no bureaucracy to fund, just one continue and build Max's legacy of service." They go on to say "Team Max is an intention. We will carry on Max's intense desire to serve the community. Team Max is a "strike-force" showing up to serve when opportunity presents itself."
A "Strike-Force"... there again...ACTION! This group was formed after the Max was taken from his Earthly Family and Friends and joined his Heavenly Family and Friends. The group not only formed, they ARE DOING IT. They Are Making A Difference. I ask you to please, if you are on Facebook, please become a member of TEAM MAX... read the board for a HEARTWARMING story on the Marshall's, read Beautiful poems written by Max, see his Smiling Face.... you will feel will get IT. You can find all that on the TEAM MAX Page. Oh and if you are not on Facebook, why? This is worth joining for!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

T.G.I.F. Tune ~ With My Own Two Hands

Wanted to share a song with y'all. Us here at Dylan Blue have kinda adopted this as our theme song. It is called "With My Own Two Hands"... about being of service to others, YES ....we understand that we can not end World Hunger ~ BUT we can feed a hungry person, NO YOU can not end all PAIN and suffering but YOU CAN HELP one person put down their pain.... THINK about it!
Here is a good video of BEN HARPER singing his song "With My Own Two Hands" ENJOY.... turn it up, dance around with you kid or your dog, or play it low at your desk, promise you will find yourself tapping along....think about how you can USE your OWN TWO HANDS! This Video is cool, found it while looking for his video to put on here but most had the blog function disabled, which after seeing this video ... would have used this one IT DRIVES THE MEANING HOME~

Some of y'all will recongnise this song off the "Curious George" soundtrack, a different version but SAME GREAT MEANING. We will continue to find great music to share with y'all, the common componet is that they will all have a meaning to us and maybe you after we share.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Your Sign?

What's your sign? No I am not quoting the cheesey pick-up line...Why you ask? Well here at Dylan Blue we are working on and will shortly be introducing a line of Zodiac Sign pendants. We are also working on having customizable set of pendants/necklace, such as initials.

We really like the idea of people having jewelry that is special, that has meaning to them. We also have a discussion started on our Facebook page asking for design ideas. Go here to start submitting design idea, you not only may see your design come to be a beautiful pendant but may also get to name the cool is that? Go here to submit your ideas- I know you have something. If it is an idea that we like, and you have an example image we can send you a regular e-mail to send the image to. In the same respect, if you have a design, and would like to order a set for a special occasion, like as gifts to give to bridal party, for members of a club or organization, or any other reason you could think of, we can handle big custom orders and are more than happy to do so. Just send us a convo on etsy or a message on our Facebook page or even a comment here and we will get back to you.

Hope everyone have a terrific weekend and are planning on MAKING IT A GREAT WEEK!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thought on our Limitations

Hello Friends! This is craftyGAgal (Meredith) and I would like to share a piece that John wrote with y'all today. We are a team, and most post are from us, as Dylan Blue, but this one is from me. I would like to share with y'all a little about John before I get to his piece.
To know John, I have come to the conclusion, is to LOVE John. He is not only wonderful to work with but even more than that John is a wonderful, selfless, devoted friend. John walks though life searching out ways that he can be of service to others and by doing this GOD, in my opinion, seems to put John in the right places to achieve this goal. I am truly bless to call him a friend.
Beyond that, John is talented beyond words, he is artistic and God uses his artistic talent to touch people lives. I am not just saying this, I have personally seen it happen. Not only can John make some of the most gorgeous jewelry, but he can write in a way that leaves you wanting more yet feeling satisfied. Alright, now I would like to, in fact, I am honored to, share with you a piece of John's writing. This will be a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) feature on our blog tagged "John's Thoughts", hope you enjoy!

Thought on our Limitations : by John Madsen

Years ago, when I first sought help with depression, my therapist gave me a list of suggestions that would help people get out of ruts - one was "talk to a pet" . We have a black lab mix named Gus. He came to us as a young abandoned animal. Per his Lab genetics, and his own doggy trauma, he was very high-strung, but intensely eager to please, and took his responsibilities as a guardian seriously. Sadly, I used these as fodder for teasing him. When I read the "talk to a pet" instruction, he was about five, and settling down somewhat. I sat on the floor in front of him, and thanked him for being such a good dog. I thanked him for watching over us so carefully, and that we knew he'd be willing to accept harm to protect us. He sat before me, his eyes locked on mine. I apologized for having teased him, and found myself admitting that I had been less of a friend to him than he had been to me.

I became aware that this inarticulate creature was being supportive of me, in the only way he knew how, as I unburdened myself to him, acknowledged my flaws of character, and formed a resolution to change.

Humans often identify the structure of skills that are cumulatively known as “language” as being a primary evidence of our superiority to other species. Yet behavioral psychologists uniformly agree that many animals behave in ways that have no other explanation than genuine altruism. In plain words, mute creatures form bonds of love, act selflessly, live in service to a larger group; all without language and other social skills by which we humans identify and arbitrate our concept of self.

While we are amazed by our own abilities to construct, to measure, to transport and to learn, even the grandest of our imaginations of time and space extends to only only a fraction of physical creation. Every night we can witness incredible formations of matter and space wheeling around us with surgical precision and silent grace; mute, but eloquent is sheer Being.

When I am physically still, I move at the speed of the surface of the earth – about 12,000 miles an hour. No motion I can make of my own volition even registers on that scale. When I say nothing, That Voice still echoes among the galaxies.

So I’m gonna take a break from thinking, sit still, and shut up.

Monday, July 27, 2009


This is our first contest and we are gonna make it a good one. Here is how YOU and a Friend can EACH win a pendant/necklace of your choice. Become a fan of our Facebook page and post entries here
Rules are simple ...

First if you are not a FAN that would be first, become a fan of Dylan Blue on Facebook. Then get a friend to become a FAN of Dylan Blue page here and you and the friend you get to join get an entry into the contest. After you get your friend to become a FAN, come back to this thread and put your name and the friend's name that you got to join. EACH friend is an entry and you can enter AS many times as you want by simply inviting more people
The contest will end Sunday August 23 and the WINNERS will be announce HERE on this page on Monday August 24th.
The winners will be able to have there pick out of our shop
That is it...easy peasy....

*an easy way to invite people it to go to our main page (top of this page "back to Dylan Blue") then under our profile pic there is a menu, if you drop that down there will be the option "suggest to friends" and then pick who you want to send it too, or you can use the "SHARE" at the bottom left corner of our main page. MAKE sure that your friends let you know when they join so you can come back an post both your names to get your entry. PLEASE make a NEW entry for each friend that becomes a fan...not list 4 friends in one post.
Hope y'all are as excited as we are

I want to give credit where credit is due. I found this contest on Dalkullan Jewelry's Facebook page, where Heather is have the same type contest for a great pair of her signature "Lifesaver Earrings" for the winner and their friend. Find the contest here, find Dalkullan Jewelry on etsy and her blog. Not only is she super sweet, her jewelry is beautiful. That is what we are about here a Dylan Blue, making great friends along the way...and we are proud to call Heather one! Thanks Heather! Y'all go check out her contest, shop and blog~ her talent will brighten you day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our BIG Week

Bob Marley nailed that one, don't you think?
Wow what a week we have had. WE are excited to share what all we have accomplished in this first week. Well you know the obvious, we debuted Dylan Blue on etsy with our first 12 designs and set up this blog. Now for what else we have done or ARE doing...
We are still in the process of getting everything set up and constantly working on new designs and products. That will pretty much be a constant- us continually working to make this business bigger & better and make more & more wonderful friends along the way.
About the middle of the week we set up a PAGE for Dylan Blue on Facebook and we are totally blown away and humbled by our turnout of FANS- which I like to refer to as "friends". Within the first 24 hours we had around 220 Fans and at last check, after JUST 2 days... we have just shy of 300 Fans!!! Tonight we claimed our URL for this page ... I will share the post I just made on our page ~ "I am proud to announce that WE have claimed our URL for this page & are proud to tell you that we want YOU to be a part of this page so our NEW URL is...drum-roll please... our little picture comes up because that is US! WE choose Dylan Blue COMMUNITY because without YOU -we are not who we are. WE ♥ Your input & even more WE love turning our customers INTO friends." As a fan/friend you will not only be able to see what we are up to but in the future we are planning on offering special deals for just those members and sneak previews on designs- so if you love it the sneak previewed design, send us a message and you can grab it before it is even listed! On this page we also have a discussion going on here to let people suggest ideas that they have for designs and we are listening. We have already gotten some that we love and WE are planning on having a way to honor those who's ideas some to BE...we are thinking we will let them pick out the creative name for the piece... head on over there and give your suggestions or just read others. We will also be having more discussions and tons of interaction on this page- a reason we decided on Community as part of your URL, that is what we want, a place to people to meet up, share and participate. You can go here to join as a FAN (friend) of our page here. WE will add our Facebook badge later this evening to our sidebar for we are want to show of the support we are receiving.
Another thing that is coming up soon and are looking forward to is that weekly we are going to feature something that John has written. I know he would never come on here and post this but he IS one Heck of a writer and y'all are in for a real treat. I am excited personally because I thoroughly enjoy reading his work and know you will too.
Oh I almost forgot some GREAT news we have to share ~ WE MADE our first sale. WE actually had a big response to the one that sold -the Tree of Life~ Infinite Possibilities piece and MORE are on the way! We want to give a big "Thank You" to the person who purchased it and we know that it will bring nothing but GOOD things your way!
Alright everyone~ that has been our BIG WEEK and it would not have been without each and every one of you! Thank you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

TA-DA Lookie HERE!

Dylan Blue is Open FOR Business!! Right now we have 12 GORGEOUS pieces that we designed especially for y'all our new friends here on etsy! But Have NO Worries....we are continuously coming up with new ideas and will be adding to out listings fact, you think you have a great idea for a pendant for us to carry, leave a comment...we love ideas and you just might see you idea on a pendant in our shop!
WE love Custom Orders! Looking for a SPECIAL bout someone's Initials on a pendant? Or their Zodiac Sign....Convo us and we will work on up for you and make a special listing, just for you, just because we think your SPECIAL and we are in the business of SMILES! We re also able to accommodate large want a dozen or more of a certain design or have a special occasion that you would love a SPECIAL, never forgotten, ALWAYS cherished gift for, how bout giving a specially designed pendants. Perfect bridal party gifts (give one to all your brides maids or grooms men), a special club or organization, a special anniversary of any event, graduation of a school, program, certification....the possibilities are endless! As we like to say, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination lets them be!
Here is a peak at what we have listed right now

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing Dylan Blue

Welcome to the blog for Dylan Blue. Dylan Blue set for it's big reveal and I can hardly wait. It took all I could not to just load this post up with gorgeous pictures of our handmade treasures that we have designed and made just for our etsy shop but I decided that everyone is going to have to wait till the shop opens. But do not worry we are working diligently and with purpose to get it up and running as fast as possible.
I know that y'all are going to love what we have coming and am looking forward to doing what we set out to do here at Dylan Blue which is "to create beautiful creations for beautiful people, while forming beautiful relationships along the way. Our process is unique and our desire to provide excellent customer service is unmatched!"