Thursday, August 6, 2009

T.G.I.F. Tune ~ With My Own Two Hands

Wanted to share a song with y'all. Us here at Dylan Blue have kinda adopted this as our theme song. It is called "With My Own Two Hands"... about being of service to others, YES ....we understand that we can not end World Hunger ~ BUT we can feed a hungry person, NO YOU can not end all PAIN and suffering but YOU CAN HELP one person put down their pain.... THINK about it!
Here is a good video of BEN HARPER singing his song "With My Own Two Hands" ENJOY.... turn it up, dance around with you kid or your dog, or play it low at your desk, promise you will find yourself tapping along....think about how you can USE your OWN TWO HANDS! This Video is cool, found it while looking for his video to put on here but most had the blog function disabled, which after seeing this video ... would have used this one IT DRIVES THE MEANING HOME~

Some of y'all will recongnise this song off the "Curious George" soundtrack, a different version but SAME GREAT MEANING. We will continue to find great music to share with y'all, the common componet is that they will all have a meaning to us and maybe you after we share.


  1. If we all used our own 2 hands to bring peace to the world, what a wonderful world it would be.

  2. Seems simple enough, doesn't it Bonnie. I know I am more aware of what I can do with my own two hands!
    Thanks for coming by!