Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Call For Action

I think that there is way too much talk about doing good things and not enough DOING good things. John and I have been discussing ways to make a difference, like I have mentioned before, we are not out to change the world, just make an impact on little parts. SERVICE- that is what it is all about. One is an DO SOMETHING. I tell my boys on the way to school each day, "Do something nice for someone today, DO a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS" (I am a KARMA Officer for Valdosta GA, lol, big title for simple RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and spread that can read more I wrote about it here) anyway, my boys report back to me what acts of kindness they have done. Today on the way to school my son said "Mom, sometimes it is hard to find something"... I replied "You will see it, the more you look the easier it will be....and it does not have to be something major."
John told me about a Facebook group that embodies this in every way. Team Max well , I will let you read what the first paragraph on the page says- it states it best ~
"Max Rose's friends and family are continuing his work of service by forming "Team Max." Team Max has no rules, no bureaucracy to fund, just one continue and build Max's legacy of service." They go on to say "Team Max is an intention. We will carry on Max's intense desire to serve the community. Team Max is a "strike-force" showing up to serve when opportunity presents itself."
A "Strike-Force"... there again...ACTION! This group was formed after the Max was taken from his Earthly Family and Friends and joined his Heavenly Family and Friends. The group not only formed, they ARE DOING IT. They Are Making A Difference. I ask you to please, if you are on Facebook, please become a member of TEAM MAX... read the board for a HEARTWARMING story on the Marshall's, read Beautiful poems written by Max, see his Smiling Face.... you will feel will get IT. You can find all that on the TEAM MAX Page. Oh and if you are not on Facebook, why? This is worth joining for!


  1. great post I will check out facebook or rather team max on face book

  2. Thanks libu - it is such a wonderful group!