Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Your Sign?

What's your sign? No I am not quoting the cheesey pick-up line...Why you ask? Well here at Dylan Blue we are working on and will shortly be introducing a line of Zodiac Sign pendants. We are also working on having customizable set of pendants/necklace, such as initials.

We really like the idea of people having jewelry that is special, that has meaning to them. We also have a discussion started on our Facebook page asking for design ideas. Go here to start submitting design idea, you not only may see your design come to be a beautiful pendant but may also get to name the cool is that? Go here to submit your ideas- I know you have something. If it is an idea that we like, and you have an example image we can send you a regular e-mail to send the image to. In the same respect, if you have a design, and would like to order a set for a special occasion, like as gifts to give to bridal party, for members of a club or organization, or any other reason you could think of, we can handle big custom orders and are more than happy to do so. Just send us a convo on etsy or a message on our Facebook page or even a comment here and we will get back to you.

Hope everyone have a terrific weekend and are planning on MAKING IT A GREAT WEEK!


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