Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thought on our Limitations

Hello Friends! This is craftyGAgal (Meredith) and I would like to share a piece that John wrote with y'all today. We are a team, and most post are from us, as Dylan Blue, but this one is from me. I would like to share with y'all a little about John before I get to his piece.
To know John, I have come to the conclusion, is to LOVE John. He is not only wonderful to work with but even more than that John is a wonderful, selfless, devoted friend. John walks though life searching out ways that he can be of service to others and by doing this GOD, in my opinion, seems to put John in the right places to achieve this goal. I am truly bless to call him a friend.
Beyond that, John is talented beyond words, he is artistic and God uses his artistic talent to touch people lives. I am not just saying this, I have personally seen it happen. Not only can John make some of the most gorgeous jewelry, but he can write in a way that leaves you wanting more yet feeling satisfied. Alright, now I would like to, in fact, I am honored to, share with you a piece of John's writing. This will be a regular (weekly or bi-weekly) feature on our blog tagged "John's Thoughts", hope you enjoy!

Thought on our Limitations : by John Madsen

Years ago, when I first sought help with depression, my therapist gave me a list of suggestions that would help people get out of ruts - one was "talk to a pet" . We have a black lab mix named Gus. He came to us as a young abandoned animal. Per his Lab genetics, and his own doggy trauma, he was very high-strung, but intensely eager to please, and took his responsibilities as a guardian seriously. Sadly, I used these as fodder for teasing him. When I read the "talk to a pet" instruction, he was about five, and settling down somewhat. I sat on the floor in front of him, and thanked him for being such a good dog. I thanked him for watching over us so carefully, and that we knew he'd be willing to accept harm to protect us. He sat before me, his eyes locked on mine. I apologized for having teased him, and found myself admitting that I had been less of a friend to him than he had been to me.

I became aware that this inarticulate creature was being supportive of me, in the only way he knew how, as I unburdened myself to him, acknowledged my flaws of character, and formed a resolution to change.

Humans often identify the structure of skills that are cumulatively known as “language” as being a primary evidence of our superiority to other species. Yet behavioral psychologists uniformly agree that many animals behave in ways that have no other explanation than genuine altruism. In plain words, mute creatures form bonds of love, act selflessly, live in service to a larger group; all without language and other social skills by which we humans identify and arbitrate our concept of self.

While we are amazed by our own abilities to construct, to measure, to transport and to learn, even the grandest of our imaginations of time and space extends to only only a fraction of physical creation. Every night we can witness incredible formations of matter and space wheeling around us with surgical precision and silent grace; mute, but eloquent is sheer Being.

When I am physically still, I move at the speed of the surface of the earth – about 12,000 miles an hour. No motion I can make of my own volition even registers on that scale. When I say nothing, That Voice still echoes among the galaxies.

So I’m gonna take a break from thinking, sit still, and shut up.


  1. You both are so blessed with gifts. You both have talent in your art, and are gifted with touching others through your writing.
    Whatever happens in this World from outside forces, do not let anything stop you from using your Gifts.
    YOu both have touched my heart today.
    I wrote a very long post to Meredith on her Blog. She and I are so much alike in our lives, very orderly, goal driven people. Through it all, we both suffer from chronic pain we refuse to let get us down.
    Meredith is very open to share her feelings, experience, and doubts with everyone.
    John, your writing has touched me so much. I am going to print this article to keep. I read a lot on the Internet I like. I usually just bookmark or favorite.
    Your post is one I want to share immediately with others and reread over again.
    I am an animal lover. I talk to my animals constantly. The scenario of talking to your pets for therapy is one I subscribe to. They instinctively know your moods,and the importance of words..even if they can't understand our language.
    While talking to your dog, did you get a sense of understanding between the two of you?
    They ask so little, food, water & shelter. They appreicate our love, it is a gift to them. But they understand, when a human reaches out like you did, it is a profound time for them as well.
    The true unconditional love that comes from 'living in the moment'. Your dog will never tell you how upset he was that his meal was late, last Friday!
    Thank you for your gifts to me, today. You've made my day a lot better than it was this morning!


  2. Mary, Mary, Mary, my sweet friend, like John, the more I get to know you, the closer I feel to you. John's piece touched me like that as well. AND yes I do sense they understand. I recently lost a very dear dog, China, who I had before I gave birth to my boys, who are now 7, and SHE most definitively understood. I could say without a change in my tome, from in the kitchen, "Off the couch and she would get off." She was not the biggest fan of my boys, the went through the terrible twos with her, and learning not to pull on her, and I often joke that she was still waiting for them to leave, but when they got sick, she would not leave their side, once the were better she was back to regular China. As she got older and sicker, my Husband and I thanked her for being a good dog and for taking such good care of us. Oh my, I am getting choked up, I love you China....
    After reading John's article I am very much more conscience I how I am treating my dogs.
    Thanks John and of course thanks Mary, you have made my day today between your 2 comments, Hugs, and we are going to talk/chat soon, deal?