Monday, July 27, 2009


This is our first contest and we are gonna make it a good one. Here is how YOU and a Friend can EACH win a pendant/necklace of your choice. Become a fan of our Facebook page and post entries here
Rules are simple ...

First if you are not a FAN that would be first, become a fan of Dylan Blue on Facebook. Then get a friend to become a FAN of Dylan Blue page here and you and the friend you get to join get an entry into the contest. After you get your friend to become a FAN, come back to this thread and put your name and the friend's name that you got to join. EACH friend is an entry and you can enter AS many times as you want by simply inviting more people
The contest will end Sunday August 23 and the WINNERS will be announce HERE on this page on Monday August 24th.
The winners will be able to have there pick out of our shop
That is it...easy peasy....

*an easy way to invite people it to go to our main page (top of this page "back to Dylan Blue") then under our profile pic there is a menu, if you drop that down there will be the option "suggest to friends" and then pick who you want to send it too, or you can use the "SHARE" at the bottom left corner of our main page. MAKE sure that your friends let you know when they join so you can come back an post both your names to get your entry. PLEASE make a NEW entry for each friend that becomes a fan...not list 4 friends in one post.
Hope y'all are as excited as we are

I want to give credit where credit is due. I found this contest on Dalkullan Jewelry's Facebook page, where Heather is have the same type contest for a great pair of her signature "Lifesaver Earrings" for the winner and their friend. Find the contest here, find Dalkullan Jewelry on etsy and her blog. Not only is she super sweet, her jewelry is beautiful. That is what we are about here a Dylan Blue, making great friends along the way...and we are proud to call Heather one! Thanks Heather! Y'all go check out her contest, shop and blog~ her talent will brighten you day.

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