Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tree of Life

I decided to take pieces, one at a time, and expand or just explain there meaning....or the meaning we had in mind when designing and making it. We had received a great response to this pendant, in the form of our first two sales. This was eloquently written by John... he has a way with words, I am sure after reading you will agree.

One of the central beliefs of the Celts was that all of life existed in three phases. They saw three phases in the lunar cycle (they did not recognize dark as a phase); they saw a woman’s life in being a maiden, a mother, and a crone; and they believed the physical universe to be composed of earth, water, and sky. This is why so many Celtic designs show design elements repeated in groups of three.

I think it’s interesting that the process of photosynthesis can be seen as the interaction of the same three elements; a molecule of water, a molecule of mineral, and excitation from the light of the sun. This simple reaction between these elements produces the carbohydrates that sustain all life on earth. And the ancient Celts knew it intuitively.

The Tree of Life in Celtic mythology had its roots deep in the core of the earth, the trunk extended up through the world of Men, and its branches reached out to encircle the stars. It was seen as a bridge between the sky realm and the earth, uniting both of them harmoniously. The Tree itself repeats the theme of three elements; in its roots, its trunk, and its limbs.

This representation of the Tree is probably modern; it is adapted from a common representation that includes a circle of complex knotwork. We wanted to use this modified form, since it emphasizes another aspect of the design; the interweaving of the branches and roots. This interweaving suitably portrays the Celtic belief that Life was a single, self – renewing cycle.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Call For Action

I think that there is way too much talk about doing good things and not enough DOING good things. John and I have been discussing ways to make a difference, like I have mentioned before, we are not out to change the world, just make an impact on little parts. SERVICE- that is what it is all about. One is an DO SOMETHING. I tell my boys on the way to school each day, "Do something nice for someone today, DO a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS" (I am a KARMA Officer for Valdosta GA, lol, big title for simple RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and spread that can read more I wrote about it here) anyway, my boys report back to me what acts of kindness they have done. Today on the way to school my son said "Mom, sometimes it is hard to find something"... I replied "You will see it, the more you look the easier it will be....and it does not have to be something major."
John told me about a Facebook group that embodies this in every way. Team Max well , I will let you read what the first paragraph on the page says- it states it best ~
"Max Rose's friends and family are continuing his work of service by forming "Team Max." Team Max has no rules, no bureaucracy to fund, just one continue and build Max's legacy of service." They go on to say "Team Max is an intention. We will carry on Max's intense desire to serve the community. Team Max is a "strike-force" showing up to serve when opportunity presents itself."
A "Strike-Force"... there again...ACTION! This group was formed after the Max was taken from his Earthly Family and Friends and joined his Heavenly Family and Friends. The group not only formed, they ARE DOING IT. They Are Making A Difference. I ask you to please, if you are on Facebook, please become a member of TEAM MAX... read the board for a HEARTWARMING story on the Marshall's, read Beautiful poems written by Max, see his Smiling Face.... you will feel will get IT. You can find all that on the TEAM MAX Page. Oh and if you are not on Facebook, why? This is worth joining for!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

T.G.I.F. Tune ~ With My Own Two Hands

Wanted to share a song with y'all. Us here at Dylan Blue have kinda adopted this as our theme song. It is called "With My Own Two Hands"... about being of service to others, YES ....we understand that we can not end World Hunger ~ BUT we can feed a hungry person, NO YOU can not end all PAIN and suffering but YOU CAN HELP one person put down their pain.... THINK about it!
Here is a good video of BEN HARPER singing his song "With My Own Two Hands" ENJOY.... turn it up, dance around with you kid or your dog, or play it low at your desk, promise you will find yourself tapping along....think about how you can USE your OWN TWO HANDS! This Video is cool, found it while looking for his video to put on here but most had the blog function disabled, which after seeing this video ... would have used this one IT DRIVES THE MEANING HOME~

Some of y'all will recongnise this song off the "Curious George" soundtrack, a different version but SAME GREAT MEANING. We will continue to find great music to share with y'all, the common componet is that they will all have a meaning to us and maybe you after we share.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's Your Sign?

What's your sign? No I am not quoting the cheesey pick-up line...Why you ask? Well here at Dylan Blue we are working on and will shortly be introducing a line of Zodiac Sign pendants. We are also working on having customizable set of pendants/necklace, such as initials.

We really like the idea of people having jewelry that is special, that has meaning to them. We also have a discussion started on our Facebook page asking for design ideas. Go here to start submitting design idea, you not only may see your design come to be a beautiful pendant but may also get to name the cool is that? Go here to submit your ideas- I know you have something. If it is an idea that we like, and you have an example image we can send you a regular e-mail to send the image to. In the same respect, if you have a design, and would like to order a set for a special occasion, like as gifts to give to bridal party, for members of a club or organization, or any other reason you could think of, we can handle big custom orders and are more than happy to do so. Just send us a convo on etsy or a message on our Facebook page or even a comment here and we will get back to you.

Hope everyone have a terrific weekend and are planning on MAKING IT A GREAT WEEK!