Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Do You Collect?

John and I are starting a couple new collector series pendants. We have been brainstorming and have a couple Fabulous, if I do say so myself, ideas for some different images that would fit into different series, all focusing on the "collector". Collectors are special people, they have a passion for the thing they collect and each individual component or piece of the collection is loved and valued as much as the collection is as a whole. Now certain collectors we will have a hard time with, for card collectors, hard to do pendants of baseball cards, yet it is not Impossible for us to do a image of a particular baseball player or even better a certain Teams colors, initials or something along those lines. I do know certain collectors we already have plans for, I know several people who collect all things owl and I had a sale of a crocheted hippo on eBay a few years back that was bought by a sweet woman who had a hippo collection, and a huge one at that. That woman was so thrilled by the addition of my hippo ( who was too cute, wearing a bikini. No joke, here is pic to prove it) that she traced down my number via my return address on package and called me at home. I was really touched. While talking she proceeded to tell me of another woman who usually outbid her on eBay for hippos due to her collection and of her other friend who collected rhinos and was cataloging her collection to make The Guinness Book of World Records. Collectors of certain objects are like lovers of objects, and let me elaborate before you r mind goes to wondering, by lovers I mean, Dolphin Lovers, Dog Lovers, Rose Lovers, Coffee Lovers.... you get the drift. I mean the possibilities are endless... I know some pendants would probably get ridiculous, like Drew, aka Ben Spark, he collects Transformers - take a peek if you think I mean he just has a is his post Photo-A-Day #803 on his blog and that was in 2007 SO sure his collection has grown, I wonder if he would Rock a Transformer pendant, ha, I chuckle as I write it because knowing him, he might just do it... ok so better example needed. My Aunt Marion collects salt and pepper shakers... do not think there is a market of salt and pepper pendants- not with a image of a sale and pepper shaker. Yes there is probably that one soul out there who would, and they will probably be my first comment, kidding (I hope), but you get my point. Collectors are great in that come holiday or gift time you know what they like and it is almost a goal to find a special addition to their collection.
So I would love to get some feedback, here are my questions. What do you collect? What do you love- that would look good on a pendant?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dylan Blue Attends IZEAfest 09

I carried some pendants with me to IZEAfest with a few different intentions. I was planning on doing some give-aways and I always keep John's practice in mind, and for those who do not know, when John goes out to sell at shows and markets, and sometimes just when John goes out, he asks for guidance from his higher power to show him someone who he should make a gift to, and that is what I did. First the give-aways were not working as planned. Even my friend Connie had one that no one responded to. Now if you got on stage to give-away something away, the crowd...ME included, went crazy... but as far as people paying attention to Twitter streams, not so much... I did pay attention and won a Sweet grill set from Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce and Life In The House Of Blue. Which BTW is Really good! We grilled steaks last night and I used as part of marinate sauce...the steaks were so good no need for any dippin' sauce.
Here is me kissin' Susan after she gave me my prize... you can read more about it her post 2nd IZEAfest Winner!! Be sure to check out her blog... she is a sweetHEART and I am honored to call her friend.

So one give-away was successful. Christine aka starryskye81 is an AWESOME Chick! She is fun loving, super sweet and a WICKED Designer. Check out her site at Starryskye Designs -especially if you are in the market for some design work done…you know me, I would not steer you wrong…great great designer. She also is now the PROUD owner of a Dylan Blue original. I decided to give out the Turtle one since we were at SeaWorld (& I couldn't find the dolphin one, which is now located, so must be meant to sell to someone on etsy.). I am so excited she won it..she deserves it..a mom who's husband is in the Military. Here she is wearing it and we hope she ENJOYS it and it brings good fortune her way!

The next Dylan Blue original went to Connie (same Connie as mentioned earlier- she has several blogs, so click on this name and her name above for 2 different, wonderful blogs). Connie DESERVED a gift for WAY TOO many reasons to list here.. she JUST DID and I knew it. SO here she is ROCKIN' her gorgeous appropriate because the animal symbolism of the butterfly is about profound changes of the soul. And Connie is a free open spirit who adapts (changes) and walks with dignity through it! Love you Connie!

The last Dylan Blue that was given was actually given after my trip, as I pulled into town and waited for a pizza to take home with me to get outta cooking. The person who received it IS VERY SPECIAL to me and it ended my trip on a GLORIOUS note! Enough said.
All in All it was a blast. Hopefully a few people left knowing that Dylan Blue jewelry is beautiful... but honestly that is not important... the SMILES you see above ARE! Thanks Ted and IZEA!