Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW Etched Copper Pendants

Happy Thursday! I am excited to share something new with y'all. Dylan Blue is offering etched copper pendants now! These are truly awesome and unique. The pictures do not do them justice- to really appreciate you must see and feel these beauties! This is all John- his creativeness and talent is AAAA~Mazing! He would never say it so I will- his art and jewelry just plain ROCKS!!
Here is the process of the etched copper pendants in John's words ~
"The design is painted on the metal in a protective acrylic coating. The piece is then immersed in a caustic fluid and the uncover surface is etched away, leaving the design in raised relief"

The possibilities of what can be done with this are about as open as with the enameled copper ones- with a few exceptions- if you want to know just ask. John is wonderful at making it work- so sure if your exact idea can not be done- he has an equally as cool idea that you will love!
I will start listing these in the etsy shop by this weekend. Just in time for the holiday season! They will be price the same as our other pendants in keeping with the idea that we are really working hard to make giving someone (or yourself) and original handmade piece of jewelry affordable!

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